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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization
Retail Cannabis

ARCannabis is a legal retail cannabis store chain currently based in British Columbia, Canada. Currently, ARCannabis has 4 locations across British Columbia, and plans to open the maximum 8 store limit. The owners of ARCannabis were also former parters at MMJ Canada medical cannabis store chain that had a revenue total of $28M CAD in 2018.

One of the challenges with the licensed Cannabis industry in Canada is that it has a ton of strict regulations when it comes to advertising. This is especially true for online advertising methods.

To make things worse, platforms such as Facebook Business and Google Ads do not permit advertising for any sort of cannabis or cannabis related products on their platforms as they are based in the United States.

Because of this, the team at Latched Creative recommended ARCannabis pursue a Search Engine Optimization campaign, along with a fresh website design, content creation, and social media management.

Website Design

Upon originally meeting with the ARCannabis team, we discovered that their website was hosted using Wordpress. The design needed some TLC, with very little written content to boost SEO.

Our team at Latched Creative came in and designed and launched an entirely new website with significantly more content. We worked within the ARCannabis budget by integrating the cannabis eCommerce platform Dutchie on subdomains of the site. This allowed ARCannabis to have full click-and-collect eCommerce functionality whilst also being cost efficient.

Future work with ARCannabis will include additional built-in eCommerce functionality with their cannabis-centric COVA POS system.

Here's a showcase sample of their beautiful new website. Also, you can view the new site here.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is one of the best ways to market cannabis related websites online. However, there are some important things that needed to be taken care of to ensure that the campaigns were highly effective.

One barrier was that cannabis sites need to have an age-gate. Because of this, we needed to create a solution that wouldn't negatively affect SEO. For instance, if we were to put an age gate that featured a redirect, the Google Crawler would most likely have been unable to detect the actual content on the page.

Instead, we created a custom-coded solution that used cookie data. After the user would accept the age gate terms, the modal on the page would be hidden for a period of thirty days. By having a modal, the rest of the page content was actually loaded. This allowed the Google Bot to be able to crawl the pages.

Here are some screenshots that showcase the results we were able to achieve within the first few months of the ARCannabis campaign:

Fig. 1: Google Analytics
Fig. 2: Google Analytics Data
Fig. 3: Google Search Console Data

ARCannabis is continuing to scale, with 5 new locations opening within the next 12 months. If you're interested in scaling your cannabis business, schedule a call with one of our representatives today.

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